Reverse Logistics

El Paso Company

Innovei International receives from, and distributions to, locations all over the world. Product that comes into the receiving depot may be shipped into Innovei’s repair facility as promptly as it comes in, or it may be stored and metered via a pre-established volume agreement. Metering of product into the repair center is calculated to meet customer turn-around-time requirements. All product and their repair histories may be viewed through a data viewer accessible through the internet. All products are scanned into the shop floor control system and are verified for data integrity. Some of the data integrity tests perform: date code extractions for time-in-use versus warranty term limits, failure code extractions for engineering analysis requirements, and other data extraction for special tracking requirements and warranty void conditions. All non-conforming matters are communicated to customers immediately and targeted for resolution within four hours.

Repaired product may be shipped back to the end user directly from our distribution depot as promptly as it comes out of the repair center or it may be stored and be used to replace product as needed. The receiving, tracking, and shipping system allows for shipping “same-for-same” and/or “like-for-like” depending on customer need. In addition, our logistics system is able to link to and extract our customers’ end-customer address tables and automatically fill in carrier databases to eliminate the probability of shipping product to the wrong location. All products are shipped in customer specified packaging with accompanying paperwork and labeling.

Key points:

  • Receiving from, and distribution to, global destinations
  • Quick pass through to repair, or metered at pre-established quantities
  • Scanned and automated tracking
  • Status and history accessible via internet
  • “Same-for-Same” or “Like-for-Like” processing capabilities
  • Onsite warehousing services available
  • In-coming product and associated data verification and validation